The Enviro-Gen 12 Saltwater Generator: An Ideal Power Source for Boaters, Campers, etc .

What is it??

The simplest answer would be that this is a wet-cell battery that uses seawater instead of acid. This answer is technically incorrect, however, since a battery merely stores electrical energy put into it via a battery charger. The Enviro-Gen® generates its own electricity once the seawater is added and a load is placed on the unit. That's right, if there's nothing plugged in and operating, there is no voltage produced and no depletion, so this isn't a 'one-time shot'. You can use the Enviro-Gen for several hours, then dump out the water and rinse the anodes in fresh water and put it back on the shelf. Oh, the Enviro-Gen also has an indefinite shelf life and, unlike batteries, is unaffected by hot weather or engine room conditions.

What are some typical uses?

Anything you'd normally use battery power to operate can be operated by the Enviro-Gen. You can, for instance, operate a CD Player (9V), lighting (1.5-12V), a radio (6V), navigation gear (12V), and other items simultaneously using 'universal' converters. The duration of operation is dependent upon the electrical load placed upon the unit. With a minimal load a set of anodes will last up to 100 hours, with the unit rated at 40AmpereHours. A 5 Amp sump pump, for instance, could deplete the anodes in 8 hours if running full time.

Primary uses include:

What are some of the advantages over traditional wet-cell batteries?

So, how do I get one?

It's Simple! You can order online via our secure server (VeriSign Security) by clicking on the button below, order by phone or Fax by calling toll-free 877-427-0220, or sending your check for $99.95* US plus $7.50 shipping to:
1236 Ginger Crescent
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
*Virginia residents please add $4.50 state tax.

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Additional replacement anodes available for $49.95 a 'Four-Pac' (4 sets of 8).

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